About Us

Hi!! I’m Donna Boudreaux Laurent and married to Eddie Laurent. I was born and raised in South Louisiana, Houma, Louisiana. And Ed was born and raised in Plaquemine, Louisiana. We have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls and 2 grandchildren. Our daughters, Brittni Yesso and Vanessa Laurent Walker who is married to Brian Walker that have twins a boy and girl, George and Elisa Walker. And our boys, Larry Lasseigne (the third) and Denton Laurent. My father, Joe Boudreaux is from Dulac Louisiana and my mother Shirley Breaux Boudreaux is from Bayou Black Louisiana. I have an older sister, Arlene Boudreaux Hebert married to Ralph Hebert, he is from Bayou Black as well. They have 2 boys. Christian Hebert who is married to Tera Beauchaine Hebert. They have 2 girls, Skylar and Brelynn. And, their second son is Cameron Hebert. Then I have my younger brother, I’m the middle child, Joe Boudreaux Jr. He has a son, Joe Boudreaux (the third) and a daughter Emma Boudreaux. I’ve had many amazing Cajun cooks in my life, my grandmothers and my mother. They have all influenced me, but especially my mother. My mother is an amazing Cajun cook!!! All my life my mother’s cooking has brought large gatherings to our home from family and friends, because no one would miss Shirley’s cooking!!! I’ve actually been a hairdresser for 41 years, but always had a love for cooking Cajun food and eating it!!!!!


“Creole Bay Sauce” was a labor of love for me for around 9 years. I loved New Orleans style BBQ shrimp dishes and I decided to create my own spin on the dish. The 9 years of adding and changing ingredients, getting the right flavor profile I wanted took time. But, with a lot of encouragement from family and friends I continued on. The wine in my sauce was my final ingredient to perfect. I tried different white wines for months then I found the perfect wine!! Then, to me, it was perfect!! I’d cook my creation for family and friends and everyone would want my recipe but I’d refuse to give it saying, “One day I will bottle it!!!” One friend in particular of my husband and I encouraged me so much when I was creating Creole Bay Sauce, Rick. He always loved my cooking and showed so much enthusiasm when I started trying to create my own New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp. We had fishing camps by each other in Dularge, Louisiana. He was always ready to taste when I was experimenting with my Creole Bay Sauce recipe. He would always tell me “you are on to something and you will bottle this one day!” Unfortunately we lost him to cancer and he didn’t get to see me bottle my sauce. But, on my bottle I have a red heart with the letter R in the middle in honor or Rick!


Another good story about my label is “Boudreaux Certified”. During the designing faze of the label I was told I needed a tag line and at the same time I was asked if I was “Certified Cajun”. (Certified Cajun is an actual certification you apply for that lets the consumer know that your product is actually produced by a cajun). At the time this person only knew me by Donna Laurent, didn’t know I was a Boudreaux. So I looked at my husband and I said, “ Mais baby they wanna know if I’m certified cajun, me Donna Boudreaux who’s daddy is from Dulac and her mama is a Breaux from Bayou Black!!!” He said, “ well, I don’t know what that Certified Cajun stuff is but you are Boudreaux Certified!!!” I said, “That’s my tag line, Boudreaux Certified!!” And of course I am cajun enough to get Certified Cajun!!!


Also, how I came up with the name of my sauce is a fun fact. I wanted the name to reflect that it is a Cajun product but also have some meaning as well. We had sold our fishing camp in Dularge, Louisiana and built a fishing camp in Grand Isle, Louisiana. So we took out all of our water way maps and looked at all the names of the bayous, lakes and bays. When I saw Creole Bay, that was it!! The perfect name!!! Also on my label I have a rooster in a hammock and my company name is Crack of Noon. My husband and I were avid fishermen. But the older we got the less mad we were at the fish and the later and later we would get up to go fishing. So before you knew it we weren’t going fishing till noon. So we deemed ourselves the “Crack of Noon Fishing Team!” We had the rooster logo designed and had that embroidered on our fishing shirts. So when we started this business we decided to use Crack of Noon as our company name and our rooster as our company logo!! Which we have trademarked!!! Happy eating!!! Love made me do it!!!!